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Hello, Hello, Hello!!

It feels so great to be blogging again. I’m two days out from having been married two months and I’ve decided it is high time that I come out of the newlywed love cave to post about the wedding, my hair and other musings.

I will start with the wedding planning. I was totally OCD when it came to planning the wedding which isn’t very far from how I am in everyday life. I am a planner and I will lose sleep over the smallest detail. I emailed my coordinator all the time with photos, diagrams and lists. She loved it and it made for smooth sailing the day of.  The venue was a historic home with a natural beauty all its own with its stained glass windows, hardwood floors and sky-high doors. I pretty much DIY’d the whole things because simply put, I am cheap BUT also very crafty and I truly believe I can do anything or at least try. Somethings I DIY’d or semi-DIY’d include save the dates, invitations, escort cards, bouquets, bouts, centerpieces, aisle decor, the guest book..I could go on and on.

I went back and forth as to how I would wear my hair on the big day. At first, I thought I would get it blown out, pressed and then curl wand it the night before preserving the style by pin curling it. The style is gorgeous but the con is that I didn’t know it if would last throughout the night. I believe it would have fallen flat before the reception. The week of the wedding I cancelled my appointment and just jumped out there and decided to do it myself. I was sure I wanted a natural style (and so was my now husband) but I had no plan. On friday night I took a 2 day old twist out and made something so gorgeous and simple and I am so happy I did. I parted  a section off-center toward the right side of my head down to my ear and sectioned it off. The rest of the hair in the back was spritzed with water gelled at the edges and nape of my neck and very carefully smoothed down and tucked/rolled to the right side of my head securing it with about 100 Bobbie pins (seriously, that things was going nowhere). I took the tail end of the roll and made a pin curl above my ear. I then took the top section and did two strand twists add a perm rod to the end of each one. I tied my hair down with a silk scarf and covered it with a bonnet. The day of the wedding, I removed the perm rods, carefully unraveled the twists and fluffed them. I used some closed Bobbie pins to maintain the volume at the top. I added 3 floral pins to the back. Oh and you know I had to have a need a little baby hair! LOL!

All photography by Reggie Dandy Photography



My MUA “Doll Face the BeatFace Queen”  putting the finishing touches on my hair and makeup. She was such a joy to work with and fierce and preggers too! Follow her on instagram @dollfacebfqmua and Youtube @dejour83

IMG0010 IMG0020

A close up of the details of my dress, ring and lavender nails. My dress is Blu by Mori Lee 4807


My beautiful mother. I love her locs!


Me getting my groove on. The day was so much fun!


One of my besties and bridesmaids with her daughter who is also my God daughter and Flower girl. Loved her finger coils.


This photo is one of my favorites.


This one too.


I love the sassiness of this pic..even though that “clear” deodorant under my arm wouldn’t let me live!


IMG0088 IMG0106 IMG0118 IMG0119 IMG0125Relaxing and waiting for the ceremony to start.


We had our ceremony in the brickyard of the home.

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Good Day People!