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After doing a roller set on my hair, I try to also do a silk wrap to smooth it. After removing the rollers, I generously apply grape seed oil to the uncombed curls. If you have some available, I also recommend applying some sort of humectant, or silkening serum. Next, I use a paddle brush with wide teeth to brush all of my hair in a circular motion around my head, wrapping my hair. After “wrapping” my hair, I use a soft bristle brush to smooth the wrap. then apply good old Saran Wrap around my head covering my hair completely. IMAG2117

After the Saran Wrap is on my hair, I sit under a hooded dryer for about 15 minutes. I do not recommend sitting under the dryer for more than 15 minutes because your scalp and hair may start to sweat causing reversion. After 15 minutes is up, I come from under the dryer and let the Saran Wrap stay on my head until it is completely cooled allowing the cuticles of my hair to close.

After the Saran Wrap has cooled, I remove it and use a wide tooth comb to gently comb the wrap down, being sure not to comb the hair too much.







I love the sheen, and smoothness that silk wrapping gives my hair. I recommend silk wrapping to anyone looking to relax tight curls from a roller set.

Happy Wrapping!