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It has been raining for what feels like a month here is Bama and I hadn’t had any luck getting my styles to stick because of the ridiculous humidity. I thought that winter time would give me a break and I would have luscious 4-5 day hair…Sike! this winter has been super rainy as of late and I have been bunning forever!! As I sat at my desk yesterday trying to take the  perfect pic of myself to post on Instagram (LOL) I grew irritated because I was tired of seeing my OWN bun on so many of my pictures so I decided to do something about it…There has been a photo floating around the world-wide web of this gorgeous lady rocking some fierce Havana twists… See exhibit A.

EXACTLY!!! She’s the bomb right?!! I had to have them, so I decided that last night [YES last night] I would do them on a whim. I literally looked on YouTube at Black Onyx’s wonderful and easy tutorial on her Havana Twists and went directly to Solid Gold Beauty Supply Store and got the supplies.


Here’s what I used:

3 Packs of EQUAL Marley Braid Hair

Jamaican Mango&Lime Lock and Twist Gel

A Detangling Brush (which ever you prefer)

A Spray bottle filled with water (optional, to dampen hair)

A Blow Dryer

Starting with freshly washed and conditioned hair, I used a cotton T-Shirt to remove the excess water from my hair. I wrapped the T-Shirt around my head like a turban for about 15 minutes. After it was about 80% dry, I separated my hair into 4 quadrants and clamped them into place. Section by section, I sealed my hair with DAX grease [I’m going to use oil next time] and lightly blow dried my hair WITHOUT the comb attachment, not to dry it out, but just to get the rest of the water out of my hair. After the Section was dry, I put 2-3 chunky twists in the section and wrap them around themselves to form a bun, then secured them with a clamp once again.

Havana Twists 002


Taking one section at a time, I unraveled the chunky twists and finger parted 1-2 inch sections. I chose to finger part because I wanted a more natural and believable style and straight parts with twists and braids sometimes look so obvious that it’s extensions. I wanted the look of two strand twists. I secured the rest of the hair in the section to make sure it was out of my way. Havana Twists 012


From the large section, I separated a small portion of hair in the BACK of the section. I then applied Jamaican Mango&Lime gel to the ends of both the small and large sections of hair. 

Havana Twists 015


Then, I took two wefts of the Marley braid hair and linked them around each other, making sure that the ends of both wefts were even with each other.

Havana Twists 007


Grabbing the small section at the base, I used it as the center section for the starter braid and braided the Marley hair onto my hair. I did about three turns for each braid. DO NOT make the braided section too long, or it will show. The braid is just to secure the Marley Hair.

Havana Twists 016

Havana Twists 017


After 3 turns to create the starter braid to attach the Marley hair to mine, I grouped my hair [originally the small separated section] with one of the Marley braid wefts to make 2 strands for a two strand twist. Then I grabbed the big section, split it in two and divided it between the 2 strands.

Havana Twists 018

Havana Twists 019

Havana Twists 021


Now comes the easy part. I twisted the extensions with my hair from root to end.

Havana Twists 022

Havana Twists 023

Havana Twists 024


It might seem or feel as if the braid is going to show while you are twisting, but once you release the hair when you are done, the root with relax and swell, camouflaging the braid.

Havana Twists 025


When I got to the ends, I rolled them around a whit perm rod about 3-4 times and secured the rod.

Havana Twists 027 

When I finished twisting my entire head and securing the ends with rollers, I divided the twists into 4 quadrants again. Sectioning the hair keeps it organized while you dip them in to the hot water and set the curls on the ends of the Marley hair. I filled a tea-pot with water, let it come to a boil and poured the hot water into a bowl. I grabbed each section one by one, and lowered the ends of the twists into the hot water for 1-2 minutes, being sure to submerge each roller completely. I removed the twists from the water and patted the hair dry with a towel.

Havana Twists 031

Havana Twists 032

Havana Twists 033


I tied my hair with a silk/satin scarf leaving the rollers in overnight.  In the morning, I took the rollers out and blow dried the excess water from the ends of the twists, Then I removed the scarf.

Havana Twists 035

Havana Twists 036

Havana Twists 038

Havana Twists 039

Havana Twists 040


I am blown away at how beautiful these twists came out 1.) because I am THEE worst at braiding, and 2.) It was my very first time braiding or twisting with extensions. The style took me 4 hours to complete, which is so hilarious to me because it takes me about the same amount of time to wash, deep condition and flat-iron my OWN hair. LOL. Considering that, I think I made good time with this style. Not bad for a braiding novice such as myself. To maintain the twists I purchased TALIAH WAAJID MOISTURE CLENZ spray from Solid Gold Beauty Supply which I will use as needed. The spray has tea tree oil which with help with itchy dry scalp without leaving lots of build up. I am so happy, I’m in natural hair love. 🙂 I hope with all my heart that this helps another non-braider like myself!


Easy Peasy!