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Hello World! Look what the cat drug in! ME!

I have been on the go the last several months!

Last time I posted was June so let’s see…I have pretty much been in lovers land and just too preoccupied to post because….I’m getting MARRIED!!! My amazing man proposed to me the weekend of my 26th birthday in September 2013.


I have been bust planning and doing a lot of traveling because our wedding is out of town which leaves little to no time to post about hair, OR even do my hair for that matter, so for the winter I was rocking blown-out presses. I have blogged in the past about not having or being able to find a stylist which is how and a part of why this blog was born. However, I am happy to report that I have found a fantastic stylist who specializes in natural hair. Hair, Jammie Hickman of Adagio Salon in Huntsville, AL. So far I have only gotten blown-out presses, but I am excited to see what else she can do. Pretty much all winter, I’ve been rocking straight hair because a) I got lazy/ tired/hair fatigue and b) the humidity is decent so my hair style lasted longer.

IMAG3070 IMAG3071

Some Pics at the Salon


A pic of myself after I curled my hair using my amazing Jilbere wand and giving my self a proper face beat down! 🙂 I was headed to take engagement pics with my fiance.

I am also happy and GRATEFUL to report that even with my laziness, my hair has managed to grow to Bra Strap Length. I truly believe that this a result of my diet and detangling method. My diet consists of no pork or red meat, only chicken and seafood. I have also been eating a ton of veggies along with juicing. I have been bunning religiously but my detangling game is always on point. My go to products right now are Pantene Relaxed and Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, oh and DAX Grease!!! YES, DAX GREASE!!  After I shampoo and carefully condition, I take a finger full or two and coat the ends of my hair and the lower shaft with DAX. I got this idea from Curly Nikki and it works like a charm!!

Peace and Love Y’all!