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It is my 27th Birthday today! I am less excited but more reflective and grateful  to be here. My last two Birthdays were great, for my 25th, I went to New Orleans, a city I absolutely am in love with. For my 26th, I went to Atlanta with my now husband, family and friends and was proposed to which was amazing and emotional. We stayed in a lovely charming Bed and Breakfast in Atlanta called the Shellmont Inn. It was an awesome weekend. This year, my Birthday began last night with a fresh bouquet of flowers, a yummy hunk of cake, chocolates and champagne; a surprise from my husband. It was a humble and cozy Birthday eve with my husband watching CSI episodes on Netflix. I was truly surprised when I walked into the house after class!

Today I am thankful for the little things. I started Cosmetology School, and I’m working toward my dream. I am married to an amazing, smart, and kind man who loves me and we’re living in a lovely home that I get to beautify every once and a while with my DIY and thrift inspired ideas. My spirit is high right now, and that is priceless. So many things I worried about last year have passed away and now there is space for new hopes and dreams. God is good.

Two years ago, I wrote a Blog post and listed my 5 year goals. Some have changed and some have been altogether deleted from my list. With that being said here is a review and revamp 5 year goals:

1. Contunued Spiritual Growth- This goal is ongoing, it will always be something I strive for, what I am currently working on personally, is recognizing my thinking patterns, and how to control my thoughts. Another goal of mine is continually nuturing my spiritual relationship with my husband. When you’re single it’s all about you, but when you are married, there is also your spiritual walk together that impacts your marraige.

2. $30,000 savings before thirty- This goal has changed to BECOME DEBT FREE! I say this because, no amout of money will give you a better life unless you are a good steward over it. My husband and I are working this together and I am so proud of us. We got married, and paid cash for the whole thing; no debt. This was tough considering how emotional planning a wedding is and how easy it is to get caught up in the hype of getting stuff you don’t need to host people who won’t even remember it all after the day is over. We have paid off several thousand dollars of debt to date, do not use credit cards, have created no new bills and are taking a bite out of debt every month. It can be frustrating sometimes, but I have to remind myself that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race, and throwing all of your cash at debt at once puts you in a bind if an emergency comes up. I know this, I’ve been debt free before.

3. Finish Cosmetology School and transition to working for myself. In the last year or so, there has been a yearning in my spirit to put my natural given talent and passion to work. I just can’t sit around any longer waiting a “good” time to start, hence me taking a leap to start Cosmetology School. I want to finish school, build clientel, find a location to establish a salon and WORK FOR MYSELF! I don’t want to do this for money, I want the autonomy to make my own decisions about my career.

4. Own Property- GOAL ACHIEVED! I purchased a home April 2013!

5. Waist Length Hair- I am so excited about this goal, and I think I will definitely get there. My hair is currently mid back length.- ON TRACK!

6. Be More Active in the Stock Market- GOAL ABORTED. I have found that I really don’t have any interest in keeping up with the stock market, so at this time, it a no go for this goal. I will just keep it simple and keep contributing to my IRAs.

7. Teach- I still want to teach, it is another passion of mine. I am thinking about how I can combine my two passions, hair and teaching, and I am playing with the idea of getting my Instructor Training in cosmetology. I think that would be awesome. Two passions combined?! It doesn’t get any better than that!- ONGOING!

8. Send my parents on vacation- Has changed to Appreciate and spend more time with OUR families in general. Since my husband and I have met, we have driven more miles than ever before to spend time with family for so many different reasons. Although sometimes the budget does not permit, I am so happy with what we have been able to do. Our wedding really opened our eyes to the tremendous amount of love our families and friends have for us, and also some who don’t have as much as we thought, but nevertheless we are so thankful for the love we have and will continue to focus our efforts to love on those who love on us.

Keep reaching for the stars y’all!