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Hey Everybody! Yes, I am still living. I have so much to update you all on but that is a totally separate post on its own. I went out-of-town about a month ago and I had business dinner to attend, but I had twists. I didn’t want to look  unfinished so I tried a pin curl style on a whim. It turned out beautifully.

I started with regular medium-sized two strand twists that I had done previously.  I made an off-center part in the front and using the twists in the front, I made two 2-3 inch sections on the right and one section on the left.

In the back, I made about 3-4 big sections. Holding the sections of the twists flat to my scalp, I used my other hand to circle the twists around the  center and base, keeping them as flat as possible to my head and pining them down every 1-2 inches until I got to the ends of the twists. I pinned the sections in the front slightly toward to my face to make a small bang.

I repeated the process for all of the sections. As I mentioned before, the style was on a whim so I don’t have any pictures of the back.

IMAG2672 IMAG2684


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