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I recently purchased a Jilbere Curl Wand from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I picked it up for about $55. I chose Jilbere over any other brand because of the good results I’ve had using my 1″ and 1/2″ wide flat irons that I own by Jilbere. It was kind of awkward finding the best position for my hands to hold the wand, but around the 3rd or 4th curl, I had a nice routine going. I started by washing and conditioning my hair. Then I let it dry about 85% using a cotton T-Shirt wrapped around my hair like a turban. I took the turban off, sectioned my hair into 4 quadrants, sprayed each section generously with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control Spray and clamped them into place. Curl Wand 001

Before blow drying each section, I applied a quarter sized amount of grapeseed oil from root to end. Grapeseed oil is a natural heat protectant with a high smoke point of around 400 degrees. I made sure to be thorough with my blow drying so that the curls would be as smooth as possible and would require less direct heat contact with the wand.

Curl Wand 005

The Curl Wand also came with this really neat glove to protect your fingers from the hot curling wand. I opted to go with out the glove because it hindered my grip on the hair and I didn’t like it.

Curl Wand 006

First, I took 1″ sections of hair and sprayed the 1″ section generously with medium hold hair spray.

Curl Wand 007

To curl the section, grab the center of the length of the hair firmly, position the curling wand base (the wide end) at the base in front of the section of hair and wrap your hair forward and under around the wand until you reach the end of your hair. Then, hold the end of your hair tought around the end of the wand and count to ten.

Curl Wand 009

Curl Wand 008 Release the hair from the wand and Voila!! Gorgeous curls abound!

Curl Wand 011

Curl Wand 012

Curl Wand 013

Curl Wand 010

I’m soooooo happy I purchased this wand!!! It did a great job! This style is perfect for special occasions and doesn’t take long to do at all. It’s also an easy style to touch up. The only con is that, if you don’t flat-iron your hair before using the wand, the style won’t last long. However, flat ironing before “curl wanding” takes away the body and volume. Either way, I love this style! This is great date, wedding, and any occasion hair! Two thumbs up!


  • Don’t grab big sections of hair
  • Be generously with the MEDIUM HOLD hair spray BEFORE curling
  • Spraying Holding spray after you’ve curled the hair will cause frizz because of the moisture of the spray
  • Used a humectant/anti-frizz serum on top of the grapeseed oil if you have some available