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I wrote this post to remember all of the fallen twist-outs of the world. Their beauty gives us so much fierceness and bring so many compliments to the lives of Naturalistas all over the world. The world needs more fabulous twist-outs that bring sunshine to our lives. I’m going to take this opportunity to share the life and death of my dear friend Twist-out number 157.

She was born late one Friday night to freshly washed hair and Ecostyler gel…Saturday she gleamed with grape seed oil and shine bright like a diamond. ūüôāIMAG2295

She was well taken care of and was lovingly¬†pineappled on Monday night to preserve her good looks. She always tried to keep herself up, She was in her prime…


Although the storms of life came and sprayed her a bit, she was still in high spirits and pulled herself up by the boot straps into a high pony tail and pretty head band on Wednesday…


Although she was highly optimistic, when the rain came, she was never the same. So she had to do what she had to do. She tucked and rolled on Thursday…


Saturday she visited her dear friends Ecostyler Gel and Banana Clip¬†for a pick me up.¬† Banana clip was always there for her in her time of need to lift her up and Ecostyler gel to¬†smooth things out when things got too frizzy…


She took her last breath on a groggy sad Monday morning. She leaves behind her only child, High Bun.¬†She will always be remembered through her loving descendant Bun…


And there you have it. It’s so hard, to say good-bye, to yesterday… :-)…Hope this is as funny to you as it is to me! LOL

Have a good one!