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One Friday as I sat on my couch lurking on Youtube, I came across a tutorial on a rollerset using the ponytail method. After watching a few more, I decided to give it a try. I was truly surprised at the results. Because of the ponytails, I was able to install my rollers in half the time that it takes me to do a traditional roller set. The set looked so smooth and dried fast (Hooray!) and I loved it. This is a good method to have in your arsenal.

Here’s what you’ll need:

24-30 Bouffant rollers (I used the snap on type), Foam wrap, a wide tooth rat-tail comb, narrow tooth rat-tail comb, a spray bottle filled with water (to re-wet hair if needed), scissors, Rubber bands, Two hair roller hair nets, and an electric hot comb.

I started with washed and deep conditioned hair. Then I sectioned my wet (but not dripping) hair into three sections ear to ear front, crown and back. I each section make 2 inch by 2 inch pony tails such small rubber bands. I used rubber bands because the small cotton scrunchies would 1. cover up too much of my hair at the base and it wouldn’t get dry and 2. You would have to slide them down your hair to get them off and I don’t like the thought of possibly ruining my curl.

Note: In order for this method to work and your roots to be smooth, the pony tails must me pulled firmly, not painfully tight, but snug so that the rubber bands don’t slide and so the roots will be straight.

For Each sectioned ponytail, apply foam wrapping lotion to the entire ponytail, split the hair in two, detangle with a wide tooth rat-tail comb, and smooth the ends with a narrow tooth rat-tail comb and install a roller.

Note: Each sectioned and split ponytail should have 2 rollers.



Continue rolling until your ponytails are all rolled…




Put a hair net over your rollers to hold them firmly into place and keep them from hanging and sliding. I needed two, because my rollers were kind of big.



I sat under a hooded dryer for 2 hours, and then kept the rollers in for a while as I watched TV (and because I fell asleep :-)). You can also let them air dry if you prefer no heat.

After checking a few for complete dryness in each section, I removed all of the rollers.



Starting with the back sections, I used pair hair scissors and cut the rubber bands from each ponytail, being carefull not to cut my hair. After removing the rubber band from a section, I touched up the area (the roots) where the rubber bands had made a crease with an electric hot comb to smooth it out.







Setting the hair with the roots pulled taut really helps achieve the coveted smoothness that makes roller sets look so wonderful. I really like this method, and it really stands a chance to replace the traditional mohawk rollerset.

Try it! Enjoy!