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I’ve been rocking two strand twists and I came up with these two cute and work appropriate styles.

Two French Braids with a side bun:

To do this simple style, make and off-center part at the top of your head. Braid a large french braid going across the front of your head to the right side. Take the rest of the twists and make a french braid going from the left ear around the back to the right side of your head. Gather the ends of the two french braids and make a bun. Secure the bun with Bobbie pins.



Swooped Bang with a Pony:

To do this style, simply separate a section of hair in the front of your head. Grab the ends and swoop them across you forehead to above your ear and secure the ends with a Bobbie pin. Gather the rest of the twist into a pony tail with an elastic band.




Piece of Cake!!!