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There are six hair products that I can’t live without. I know that at anytime, if I’m having a hair catastrophe, I can recover if I have these 6 things…

1. Thick Wide Tooth Rat Tail Comb

I use this comb to detangle and part my hair for twisting and styling.

2. Soft/Hard Bristle Brush

I use the hard bristles to smooth out ponytails and the soft bristles to smooth the ends of my hair for twists and to make my baby hair.

3. Eco Styler Gel (I prefer the Olive Oil type)

There are so many varieties of Eco Styler Gel!!! The Holds range from soft to maximum hold. I use this gel in some form in all of my styles. It works great for twist-outs and styling in general. I NEVER leave home with out it when I’m traveling.

4. Plastic Spray Bottle Filled with Water

Water is the ultimate moisturizer and hair loves water. I have a small spray bottle filled with water that I use to refresh my hair. It also comes in handy when I want to re-set my twists with out re-applying more products.

5. Goody Ouchless Elastic head Bands

These headbands are a life saver! I prefer to use head bands beacause they can be be worn around the entire head or you loop them around and make a smaller band to make pony tails, puffs or buns. They are also very very stretchy and are easy to use.

6. Jumbo Hair Pins

Emphasis on the JUMBO!! My hair is thick and only jumbo pins will do the trick when trying to secure my hair in styles like a “Tuck and Roll” or buns and updos. Hair pins are a staple in my styling as well.

There you have it! My Hair must haves!!