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I was lurking on YouTube Friday night searching for some inspiration to do my hair and came a cross a fab naturalista’s YouTube page by the name of xgoldn. She did the simplest style with two strand twists and I had to give it a try. I usually shy away from two strand twists because… 1.) My head is HUGE and my twists don’t provide enough volume to camouflage my noggin. 2.) I feel some type of way about wearing them hanging at my workplace [sue me.] 3.) Styling twists is just something that I haven’t mastered. However, xgoldn put it so simply that I was inspired to give it a try. Check out the tutorial here!

To start, I co-washed my hair with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Conditioner and let it air dry. My twists have more volume, and don’t unravel when I let my hair sort of fro out before I twist it.


I parted my hair into four quadrants and started in the back right section, two strand twisting 1/2 inch sections of hair. For each twist, I misted the section of hair lightly with water, detangled the ends with a wide tooth rodent tail comb, after that I applied about a finger tip full of Ecostyler olive oil gel to the section of hair, brushed the it with soft bristle brush paying close attention to the ends and then twisted the hair from root to end.


When my entire head was completed, I did not tie the twists down. I left them loose and hanging so that they could fully air dry and slept (with no bonnet) on a satin pillow. I find that leaving my twists loose helps them stay plump and not get flattened by a scarf or bonnet. I needed them to stay full if I was going to wear them in a style.

In the morning, I liberally oiled my twists from root to end with grapeseed oil. Like xgoldn did on her YouTube video, I parted a section (from off-center of my head to ear) for my bang in the front of my head slightly bigger than hers and made a bun. Then I started to make the bang as she did but found that a few of the twists in the front of my head where too short. Instead, I opted for a loose flat twist in the front, tucked it into the bun and secured the flat twist/bang with Bobbie pins.








To make the flat twist/bang, you just start with 2 small sections (about 2-3 twists each) of twists and twist them around each other, grabbing one twist from the loose section at each turn. The key the “swoop” of the bang is to always keep the twists pulled down in front of your face while making the flat twists and don’t make it too tight. 


I smoothed down a little baby hair in the front with some ecostyler gel and a soft bristle brush and pulled a single twist out to hang in the front just for kicks. I so love this style. The ends of my hair are tucked in with make it a great protective style and it looks professional which is perfect for work. My favorite thing about it is that the bang gives me a little forehead coverage for my big head! 🙂 Yay me!

Thanks for Reading!