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Yes! I am still alive and blogging! 🙂 I have been doing so much ripping and running in the month of October. This month I got in a car accident (not my fault and I’m ok. Thank God!), my mom has been recovering from surgery, Homecoming was this month, and  the ever popular Magic City Classic (AAMU vs. ASU) was this month. I am always on the go, which is how I like it, but sometimes it cuts into my blogging and my hair projects that I have going on. Girls just wanna have fun!

 In September (YES it’s taken me that long!LOL) I started a project to make myself a wig after visiting a beauty supply store and seeing these cute U-part wigs on the mannequins. I was disappointed when I didn’t see any that would be believable for a Naturalista’s hair texture, so I set out to make my own. Boy oh boy was I astonished at the wonderful results!!!

Here’s What I used:

1 Wig cap, 1 Pack of 12-inch and 1 Pack of 14-inch Milky Way Que Water Weave in color 1B, Weave glue, a Mannequin head, 8 small side combs, scissors, a needle and black thread.

Put the stocking cap on the mannequin head to check the fit and to find out how to position the cap. Leave some slack at the top of the cap (will be cut off at the end) because when the V-Part is cut, it will increase the size of the wig, otherwise it will be too big.

Take the cap back off of the mannequin and put a plastic grocery bag on top of the mannequin head to protect it from the glue and then put the wig cap back on.

Starting in the back with the longer length hair first, measure, cut and glue the tracks to the weave cap and be sure to take your time and set the glue with a blow dryer for each track so that they don’t slip. Don’t glue the tracks on like a bee hive (in a circular motion to the center) or it will be harder to cut the V part and the cap will be weak in the V-part and hard to sew the side combs into.


When you get to the top of the wig, close the part tightly (no scalp showing) with a single track in a U orientation around the slack of the wig cap. Cut the slack of the wig cap off. There will be a small hole at the crown, but that’s ok because you have to cut a part anyway.

At the crown only, camouflage the deepest part of what will be the V-part by cutting hair from the track, dipping it lightly into a dab of glue and placing it on the crown and blow drying it.

See the hole where the slack of the wig cap was cut above.

I used extra track to fill in gaps in the front of the wig where the band of the wig cap is located. You can fill in the wig as you please. At the top of the wig, cut small pieces of track and glue them over the part to add more strength to the part for the sewing the side combs. I did not fluff the wig until I put it on because I didn’t want to over fluff and make it too big.

Carefully cut down the center of the part until you reach the crown. Using a needle and black thread, sew the side combs to the track. You can go around the spine of the comb or in between the eyelets of the comb like I did below. I sewed two combs on each side of the V-part and two combs in the back.

See how the wig gets much bigger after the V-part is cut.

To install the wig, I  flat twisted my entire head, separating a front section, and edge sections to the right and left side to be left out.


Used Bobbi pins and fold the ends of the twists up to the roots and pin them down to roots as securely as you can. It doesn’t matter in wich direction you pin them, it will look like this stretching a twist out method.

Leaving the top and edge “leave out” twists free, secure the combs in the V-part around them.


Take down the left out twists. Spray the generously with water and apply Eco Styler olive oil gel to the entire shaft of the hair to blend the leave out with the wig. Part the left out hair as you wish! Enjoy the FIERCENESS!!!

I got soooo many compliments on my hair this weekend from men and women. Everybody thought it was mine! I haven’t taken the wig off since I put it on! LOL! I hope you like it too!

Oh Happy Day!