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I pressed my hair last weekend and I am sooo happy with my growth! According to the chart below I am below  (BSB) shoulder-blade length! looks like I only have 5 inches to go to get to my goal of waist length hair (in it’s pressed state). 

Pressing my hair is a long process for me and very meticulous, but it’s worth it to prevent heat damage after pressing.

First, I wash and detangle my hair while in the shower and rinse all shampoo and conditioner out. Then I cover my hair with a T-Shirt to prevent it from drying out while I prepare to deep condition.

Second, I deep condition my hair for 45 minutes to an hour with  AVEDA Damage Remedy. It is pricey at $26 a bottle, BUT I swear by this stuff!!! It’s the only deep conditioner I use in my preparation to press.

Third, RINSE WITH COLD WATER!! Cold water closes the cuticle of the hair and helps eliminated frizzies.

Fourth, spray my hair generously with AVEDA Brilliant Damage Control Spray. I put the T-Shirt back on my hair for about 15 minutes. After removing the T-Shirt and before blow drying, I apply a generous amount of grapeseed oil to the shaft and end s of my hair. %100 Grapeseed oil has one of the highest burn/smoke points of natural oils and is a natural heat protectant.

I Then, part my hair into 4 quadrants and secure them with clamps, and I blow dry my hair with a Conair Silver Bird Blow dryer on high a heat high speed setting. I know many won’t agree with the high heat but my opinion is, the straighter I get my hair with indirect heat, the less direct heat (flat-iron/pressing comb) I need to get my hair pressed.

I think I kinda like my blow out!

Lastly, Quadrant by quadrant I part my hair in 1″ sections, press the ROOTS ONLY with a Conair electric pressing comb on a medium setting, and press the shaft and ends with a Jilbere 1″ wide flat-iron on a medium setting.

 It’s so hard to get a pic of my hair’s full length because I have to turn my head to see the camera. LOL. Oh well…

For the first night of my press I always wrap my hair to help my hair “embrace” the pressed state. LOL. On the second night I start my flexi-rod preservation method. Read about my night-time roller set routine here.

Oh Happy Day!