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Today marks the 2nd year I big chopped for the sake of my hairs health! I’m so glad I did it! :-)…Around the time that I big chopped, I was in between a wash and press and I knew my hair had been destroyed by the continuous heat styling. It was BEAUTIFUL and full of body and flowy but it was totally burnt up, and I was mildly embarrassed by the fact that a.) With my burnt hair, I smelled like a beauty shop all the time and b.) when I would wake up in the morning there would be hair EVERYWHERE! I was shedding like a German Shepard, my hair was dying slowly because flat ironing the only style I was wearing….

I never could get past a certain length with my heat styling because my hair was breaking so bad. It didn’t look unhealthy but it was. September 19th, 2010, I went to Wal-Mart and got some conditioner and some gel when I got off of work. Then I went to my line sisters apartment and she cut my hair off. My other line sisters to who lived there too thought I was insane!! They really didn’t want to do it. When it was all over, I was so excited to get home and juice it up! I put a head band around my forehead (see below) and we went to the club that very night. LOL!



Look at me now O_O!


Can you tell I’m ecstatic?! My hair hasn’t been this healthy and long since elementary school. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!