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Although I’m 5 years natural and 2 years healthy natural, I am still in search of the perfect twist-out products and methods. Understanding the chemistry of your hair  is very important to finding what works best. I’m proud to say that I am inching toward the goal of twist-out regimen perfection.

I started out with freshly co-Washed hair using lots of Pantene Relaxed & Natural Conditioner (review coming soon!), I also applied some to my hair after co-washing as a leave in conditioner and sealed the ends with Shea oil.  Then I dried my hair using the T-Shirt drying method for about 10-15 minutes to remove excess water.

Starting in the back, I finger parted 1-2 in sections of hair, and applied the  Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel (review coming soon!) to the entire shaft of my hair. I flat twisted the roots and two strand twisted my hair to the ends. I flat twist the roots because it controls the shape of the twist-out better after take down and makes the twist out hang down and not out. It also reduces the inevitable puffiness and volume that my hair gains throughout the day.

After the twists were done, my hair felt a little crunchy  [duh, it’s gel] but not dry. The gel has coconut oil and some other oils in it as well. I was very happy with the hold and the look of my twists. The gel also did a great job of elongating my twists which I love 🙂 . I have found that wet/damp twisting with thick gel or creamy products are best for my highly porous hair. Dry twisting leaves me with less definition, unraveling twists, and frizz [but that’s another story].

I let the twists air dry before going to bed. Air drying helps my twists keep shape. I have found that going to sleep on wet twists leaves me with flattened ugly twists in the morning.  I also slept without a bonnet on a satin pillow.

In the morning, I applied grape seed oil to my twists, paying close attention to the ends. I separated MINIMALLY and DID NOT FLUFF.

I am really happy with th results of this twist out. Finding a regimen unique to your hair can be challenging, but it is totally worth it when you do.

Have a good one!