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On Labor Day I was elated to be off. I woke up slowly and took my time getting ready. It was a nice change from the normal shock of the alarm clock noises. I really wanted to do something new and beautiful with my hair. It all started with a wash n’ go.

I Used Pantene relaxed and natural, sealed with shea oil and let it drip dry for a while, but my hair was still pretty wet. I gathered my hair in to a high pony tail at near the front of my head and found the perfect spot that made my curls fall so perfectly to the front of my head like a bang! I smoothed the edges with Eco Styler Olive oil gel and a hard bristle brush and secured it with my handy-dandy banana clip. Be sure to position the banana clip so that the ends point toward your face (see below). Me and my banana clip are great friends!

I used: Pantene Relaxed&Natural Conditioner (generously as a leave in), Shea Oil (to seal), Ecostyler Olive oil gel (to smooth edges and fly aways), Hard bristle brush (to smooth the front and back), a banana hair clip

I was loving this style can’t you tell!? I have found another go to style besides bunning! YAY! This perfect for the weekends!

 Have a good one!