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After lurking on my usual blog sites I decided to do a flat twist out using the T-shirt Plopping drying method by Curly Nikki. After I took the t-shirt off of my hair it was smooth and moisturized but not too wet, Which is a good thing because my hair takes forever to dry in twists. I then put about 12 flat twists in my hair using Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat [phew! what a long name], tied them down with a scarf, and took them down the next morning with shea oiled hands and it looked like this… 🙂

I was really happy with the results although I do feel that I let my hair dry in the t-shirt just a tad bit too much because my ends looked a little dry. The next day I decided to re-twist before bed because I was going to happy hour the next day and wanted my twist-out to look fresh and well-defined [big fail approaching]…

I got up and began to take them down and I was shocked at how dry and poofy my hair was. It wasn’t giving me anything. I tried smoothing the big limp clumps of hair with shea butter but had no success. Finally, I decided that I need to try to salvage this raggedy twist out, after 30 minutes of toiling with my tresses that were growing more and more unruly by the second, I gave in a did my standby style the ‘Tuck and Roll”. The Tuck and Roll is always there for me. Sometimes I feel like I look like Tweety Birds mother but it’s all good. It is a chic style, I would even stretch to say it’s a little regal and professional. The Tuck and Roll is a true friend of mine in times of trouble. 🙂

Sometimes you have to go for what you know! Have a good one!