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This past weekend my girlfriend [who is natural] and I were out on an all day shopping excursion and she mentioned to me that her sister [who is also natural] found a great conditioner from the Dollar Tree store. Yes the Dollar Tree! I was skeptical and gave her the side eye like “…are you serious?” She definitely was and also said that she too has a bottle and it has super slippage and is good for detangling and even better for my wallet at $1 a bottle! We went to the Dollar Tree and to my surprise they had plenty in stock, so I said “why not? It’s only a buck!” I grabbed a bottle and took it home. Sunday, I was in the shower getting ready to detangle my kinks and grabbed the bottle. I put a handful in each of the two sections of my hair and began detangling with my Annie [wanna be Denman] brush and it was a breeze! the detangling went great and I had minimal shedding! WOW! I am blown away at this conditioner!

Now let me say this, it doesn’t have all natural  ingredients but does have olive and jojoba oil in it! It is silky and soft to the touch and worked great! Shout out to the Dollar Tree! Click here for more reviews!

Have Good one!