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I have had my current sew-in in going on 4 weeks now, it will be a month on Friday August 10th. I’m so proud of myself for keeping this sew-in in! Although it has been itching like the devil himself [eek!], it has been a life saver considering the hectic life I’ve been living in the past 2 weeks. Ok, here is my final run down on this hair…

The Bad:

1. This hair shed like a Pomeranian in week one and two, and like a German Shepard in week 3 and 4, mainly because I got out of my chunky twisting routine.

2. This hair REQUIRES DETANGLING often! It’s not Remi!

3. It’s dyed to get the 1B color, so while washing, I noticed the water turned a little grey from the dye.

The Good:

1. This hair reacted well to conditioner, and was easily detangled while co-washing using my Denman brush.

2. It is such a great match to my curls and VERY BELIEVABLE!

3. It was cheap and it’s a great value for your money.

4. Overall this hair looked great everyday! 🙂

Would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY! I would buy it before I bought that crazy nappy Brazilian Boheyme Hair for $120 a pack again.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do different styles because I didn’t leave enough hair out near my ears. This hair gets a B- from me. If you are a weave connoisseur or expert, you may not like this hair, but if you are budget conscious and need something in the middle and don’t feel like spending much on extensions, this one’s for you.

Love it!