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Hello people! I’m indeed still here. I have had whirlwind of natural and abrupt changes happen in the last week and a half. For the most part I have handled them gracefully with Gods help. I have ended some stressful relationships, graduated with Master of Business Administration [3.75 GPA,YAY me!], looked for, leased, moved into, and furnished a new [and Beautiful :-)] apartment all in one week and that is only the tip of the iceberg!

One thing that I value more and more in this life as I mature is peace and self-love. They go hand-in-hand. If you do not accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, it will be impossible for you to withstand the naysayers of this world. That is one reason why I decided to start my Healthy hair journey in September 2010. It’s funny how having no hair will force you to stop hiding behind vanity and make you responsible [and not others] for building your self-esteem. Life is full of opposition, but as along as you know who you are you will know what to answer to, and what you accept from others. Love yourself enough to, grow, learn, ignore, let go, and anything else…