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As a self-confessed shopaholic, who often would trick myself into thinking the thought ” I don’t have anything to wear”, I decided to try another method. Shopping my closet! I really like this idea and I must say it is very helpful. I pondered my behavior when it came to shopping…It basically is like a shopaholic for real. I go shopping, buy loads of clothes and crap, get home, hang clothes up with the other millions of long-lost forgotten pieces, some event comes up, I forget about everything I just purchased, I think “I have nothing to wear”, then I go shopping. Rinse and repeat. When I had this epiphany I decided to go shopping in my closet(s), find/create/put together lots outfits, take pictures on my tablet of the ensembles for different occasions like date night, girls night, club, casual weekend and when the thought comes to my mind that I have nothing to wear, just scroll and pick an outfit as I’m reminded how much I have. I like it!

Here’s one that I put together on my tablet, and ended up wearing to a Birthday dinner! 🙂

Orange Top- TJ Maxx, Turquoise Skinny Jeans- Forever 21, Camel pumps- Mango

Braided Gold and Turqoise necklace- TJ Maxx

After having this whole light bulb moment about my clothes I realized that its’ not so much about not having enough of this or that. It’s about sitting back and reflecting on what you do have and being grateful because we indeed are truly blessed. It’s about contentment, if I’m [we] are always focused on what I [we] don’t have all of the time, I [we] will never be truly content with what I [we] have. I think that this whole shopping my closet idea was truly insightful. I [we] have more than enough in Jesus name and if I need some reminding I’ll just take an inventory of all my blessings. 🙂

Happy Friday