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Sometimes I really miss my Teenie Weenie Afro. It’s easy to become length obsessed, I mean let’s face it, going from relaxed hair to the world of kinky coiliness is somewhat a culture shock. I even remember the eagerness I had to Big Chop and the next day getting ready for work and worrying if people would laugh at me, it was a scary thought. When you have short hair, all you can think about it when it gets longer, what you’ll do and how much better it will look. Now I’m on the other side of the fence and I’ll tell you…there are some major cons to having long natural hair such as…

1. Longer Shampoo and detangling sessions, the hot water runs out and you’re standing in a cool shower attacking tangles with a Denman brush and conditioner is flying EVERYWHERE! UGH!

2. Using/ Needing more product for styles, no more dime size this and that for an entire head of hair.

3. It’s freaking hot outside and a bush on the back of your neck is NOT the business!

4. Longer twisting sessions, and tired arms perched above your head.

5. Aside from wash n’ go’s, styling is always required with long hair, Short hair is a sort of built-in style, just fluff and go.


But I digress… My fellow curly girls, if you are in the early stages of your natural life don’t spend it drooling over a 5 year seasoned vet’s YouTube or Blog posts, appreciate your short coif because when that hair starts to dust your shoulders, IT GETS REAL!

Happy Friday!