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I could really get used to these on the fly hair styles. The versatility of natural hair is second to none. I woke up late, had the “I don’t want to work on Friday” blues and still managed to pull off something super cute! YAY ME! 🙂 That definitely gave me some energy this morning. One of my mantras: “If you look good, then you feel good, and if you feel good, then you’ll work good.” Yeah, Yeah, I know it should be “work Well” but you get what I’m saying.

I started out with the same twist out I mentioned from yesterday. I separated a large section of hair in the front of my head and left it loose for the bang. I gather the rest of my hair in the back and put it in a pony tail with an elastic band. I then tucked the hair in around the base of the pony tail to create a messy bun and pinned it with bobbie pins. After the bun was formed to my liking, I began to pin the bang down by swooping sections of hair around my forehead and pinning them around on the side, being sure to pat the bang and make sure it’s secure. I wet a brush and smoothed the sides of my hair and Viola!

I Love it! Happy Friday!