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The last 2 weeks of my hair’s life had been pretty uneventful. I had been bunning my hair and wearing pony tails for the last couple of weeks because I have been moving somethings out of my apartment and it is exhausting considering the fact that I’m also working from 8-5pm, and going to class 3 days a week from 5-8ish while managing and shipping orders from my eBay store shoeswithsole. Any who, after I cooked dinner last night and tidied up the house I mustered up the strength to do a Bantu Knot-Out on blow dried hair [While watching my new favorite show “The Hatfields & McCoys” on Lifetime :-)]. Here’s what I did…

I used: Conair Pro Silver Bird Blow Dryer (with the comb attachment), DAX Pomade, Wide tooth Rodent Comb, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.


I started with freshly washed, conditioned detangled, and towel dried hair. I let the hair air dry as much as possible so that it wouldn’t require too much heat to get it completely dry and blown out.

After blow drying my hair, I began to twist my hair in about 2 inch sections from root to end. I applied a dime size of Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the shaft and ends of each section and a 1/2 a dime size of DAX to the shaft and ends to seal my hair. Then I combed each section with my wide tooth comb and made the twists really tight to stretch them out but not uncomfortable. After twisting to the ends, I began to coil the twist around itself at the root. I secured the twists at the base of the twist at my scalp with bobbie pins (some stubborn knots may need to be secured with a rubber band).

When I finished twisting my entire head, I covered the hair with a satin bonnet and pushed the tight part up to my hair-line to help my edges lay down.

I took down the Bantu-knots this morning with NO extra oils because DAX is a great sealant and extra oils may weigh the hair down. The result is big sultry, bouncy curls!

I love this style because of the curl size and definition. The curls are so feminine and romantic. The style is also so easy to do, it is definitely a go to style and one that even beginners can do.

Have a good weekend!