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I tried a new method on how to stretch my twist-outs to get that hang!LOL I have been battling with shrinkage forever and thanks to Naptural85 on YouTube, I was able to use a method that really works! I hope this helps you too!

I used: Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat, DAX grease (YES! Grease), a detangling brush and about 20 Bobbi pins. (Product Reviews coming soon!)

I started with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. I parted the hair in six sections, three on each side.

After sectioning, I applied Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat to the shaft and DAX grease to seal the ends, then flat twisted the roots and twisted the ends regularly in about 2″ sections. You may want to use smaller sections of your hair is very coarse to get great definition. I took the ends and bantu- knoted the twists to keep them stretched out until the actual stretching process.

When I completed all of the sections, I took each twist, stretched it all the way over to the other side of my head and pinned it down to my scalp. The direction you pin the hair doesn’t matter as long as you stretch it across your head.

 I tied the hair down with a satin scarf and covered the scarf with a bonnet over night. The next morning after making sure that the twists were completely dry, I removed twists, separated them and fluffed the roots to remove harsh parts. No oil was needed to take the twists down because the DAX grease in an excellent sealant.

I must say, this is the MOST successful twist out I’ve had! I think it’s because of the product but mostly the method. Tying the hair down flat kept the twists smooth and reduce frizz. With a regular twist out the twists would have been able to move around in the bonnet and get frizzy over night.

Oh Happy Day! I’m currently on Day 3 Hair with this style!