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Every now and then we need reminding of how far we’ve come in life. It’s the same way with hair. Natural hair isn’t the most easy way but it’s the best for me. I haven’t had hair this long and healthy since elementary school when my mother was braiding and twisting it every week. That in its self should tell you something, a bunch of chemicals isn’t conducive to hair growth. Here are some pics from my second big chop on September 19, 2010 until now. It’s amazing what only a year or two can do!

September 2010 right after my Big Chop #2

March 2011 Spring Break Puff- Ear Length

October 2011 Press and Curl- Neck Length

December 2011 Wash and Go

February 10, 2012 Press and Dry Wrap

March2012- Puff

April 2012- Arm Pit Length

I’ve never felt more happy with my hair than I do now! I’m in hair love…:-)

Have a good one!