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I love a style that lasts, but sometimes they need a little help to stay alive. Here is how I preserve my roller sets at night before bed.

You will need: 5-7 Blue Flexi Rods, paddle brush and a bonnet for sleeping.   

I section the hair into about 5-7 large sections and apply a dime size of grapeseed oil to the section and brush it with a paddle style brush to remove and tangles and smooth the hair out. I take the end of the sectioned off hair and wrap it around the flexi rod and then roll the hair in the flexi rod up to my scalp, fold the rod down and twist the ends to secure it. I do this to each large section until all of my hair is rolled.

Don’t Stress, the rollers don’t have to be precise or rolled too tightly.

Cover the hair with a bonnet over night. Remove the bonnet and fluff the curls in the morning. I separate them with my hands.

Here is my hair the next morning…

Have a good one!