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I did a flexi-rod set on my sew-in last Saturday. Here it is!

I used: A comb, soft bristle brush, 20-30 Red and Blue Flexi-rods, Aussie Leave-in Conditioner, Eco Styler olive oil gel, and Olive Oil Smooth and hold pudding.

Starting with freshly washed hair, I sprayed each section with the leave-in, detangled with a comb, applied a small amount of the pudding, and smoothed it with the brush before rolling it. I applied a small amount of gel to the front to smooth my edges. I sat under a hooded dryer for only about 45 minutes (I getting anxious!LOL).

Afterwards, I removed the rollers and separated the sections. I used no oil because of the oil content of the smooth and hold pudding. The first style looked more like Marge’s sister Selma’s hair. LOL


So I pinned it back…

This style lasted about 5 days.

This is week 3 of my sew-in and I have not been able to tend to the install like I thought I would so detangling sessions are Ter-ri-ble! whew! The hair has been matting and so tangled! What a mess, but I think I’m part of the problem! I plan to take this install down Thursday or Friday before Easter, I can’t look a mess on Easter! No ma’am! LOL!

Next time I will get a more silky curl, My hair seems to behave better than the Bohyme!

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