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I decided to get a sew-in on a whim because of all of the traveling I will have to do for work and play in the next couple of months. Being so busy and too tired to pamper my hair can sometimes lead to dryness, and breakage and that’s not something I want to happen to my hair. I have come so far with it and I want to retain my length.

I made an appointment at First Impressions hair salon Saturday, in Huntsville AL and got 1 pack of 12-14″ Bohyme Brazilian Wave hair installed. I chose this hair after watching countless YouTube videos and reading numerous blogs about the best hair match for naturals. I am happy to say that the hair is definitely a match and is the perfect curl pattern to match mine. Bohyme boasts high quality hand tied hair with all cuticles going in the same direction to prevent tangling. My hair looks wonderful.

Somethings to note about this hair:

  • This hair can almost triple in volume when it gets dry, so 2 packs with definitely have you looking like Diana Ross
  • Since the curl pattern is almost identical to natural hair, this hair get course so be sure to co-wash, and apply leave- in daily.
  • This hair mimics natural hair so it is best to twist at night before bed in a few chunky twists to prevent matting.
  • CUTTING THE WEFT, AND COLORING this hair will cause unusual shedding.
  • You CAN flat-iron this hair and get a natural looking press and go, however still be mindful of the heat setting and use a heat protectant.

I really like this style and plan to do get it done over and over for the whole summer!

Happy Hair!