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Yes I am still here! Please excuse my absence last week! I was on a long business trip in not so sunny California. It was actually kind of cold. Any who, it was a last-minute trip and needless to say, I was ill prepared. I had no dry cleaning prepared, my apartment was a mess and to no surprise, neither was my hair done. When I got to my hotel the first thing I thought to do was a bun. When I was younger I used to call this style a “dough nut” and the bigger the better when I was a teeny bopper! My “dough nuts” where huge, pulled tightly (-_-), sleek (because of my creamy crack) and, sometimes 4 or 5 inches in diameter! Nowadays, I have scaled back the size for the sake of professionalism and have embraced my waves. The bun made a comeback in my whirlwind of business travel and I must say it was a good one!

To make a bun, you need a thick sock and a pair of scissors. cut the toe section out of the sock and roll the entire length of the sock onto its self until the entire sock is rolled up. Add another sock if you desire a larger bun. I use a small bun because my hair is so thick by itself.

Gather your hair back into a pony tail with a small elastic band. I use ecostyler Olive oil gel and a soft bristle brush to smooth my pony tail. Pull your pony tail through the center hole of the sock bun.

Evenly distribute your hair around the sock bun and secure the ends with a scrunchy of your choice at the base of the bun. Since my hair is so thick, I used the elastic part of a stocking to secure my hair and keep it tucked under the base of the bun.

Have a good one!