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OMG! I’m so excited about this post that I can hardly type. I have to tell you about the new-found love I have for my banana clip. I am no stranger to the banana clip, however, there is always something new to do with it. I’ve worn it on the side of my head, for a somewhat side mohawk. I’ve worn it high and to the side, for a side puff look and in the back for the usual pompadour  with mohawk style. I have even worn it high and the long way (banana clip pointing from ear to ear) which gave me  width but no volume, nevertheless it was still cute.


I know, I know, you are wondering “what is so special about this darn post then?” Well what is special is that my puff has been resurrected because of the banana clip! In my recent post I wrote about having to return to the “wash and go” style because my hair was too long to do a puff. Well not anymore!

You will need: a banana clip and gel (if you desire)

To do this banana clip puff I started with freshly washed damp hair. I gathered the hair at the top of my head and inserted the combs of the banana clip on both sides (Front to back) and clasped them together. I pulled some hair out around my ears to make tendrils (yes I loves my tendrils! 🙂 ) and I didn’t use any gel so that the puff would have a messy look. Oh, and don’t forget the baby hair! LOL! I added a head band and BAM! There she was in all of her puffy glory! She’s Back!

Gold Head band- Forever 21

The key to this style is the direction of the clip. Front to back, NOT side to side.

I am so in love with my hair right now! I also like how the puff has a messy look to it!