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Look, I don’t see what the big problem or phobia is that people have with wigs! In the 60’s and 70’s wigs were the norm and they even looked “wiggy”.

Like it was obvious that women had them on. LOL. Somehow, weaves just took over and stole the spotlight from wigs and the weave/hair blending revolution came. I wear wigs to keep from having to heat style my entire head, to switch up my styles and to protect my hair. HOWEVER, I do NOT condone “wiggy” looking wigs (the above picture). ūüôā LOL. You must choose the right color and texture and you have to get a similar coil if you are going with a curly styled wig.¬†Most of my wigs (yes I have more than one. LOL) are full wigs or lace wigs that¬†I wear like half wigs.¬†I wear full wigs like half wigs because¬†half wigs can have a blunt step/hump¬†appear in the front where the half wig begins…See exhibit A…

Most women try to disguise it with a head band or scarf. Full wigs don’t have this step/hump, so¬†I just slide¬†the full wig¬†back and wear it like a half wig.

Allow me to introduce¬†my wig Glenn¬†by Freetress!To Install her, I part a 1 1/2″ section of hair in the front and leave it loose. The rest, I pull back and tuck underneath a wig cap. I secure the combs in the front of the wig¬†in my¬†hair underneath the wig cap. Then I secure the combs in the back in my¬†hair underneath the wig cap in the back. I use jumbo Bobbi pins to secure the perimeter of my head. Using heat protectant and a flat-iron, I curl the front of my [air or blow dried]¬†hair,¬†apply humectant to reduce frizz and style as desired and BAM she’s poppin’! LOL!¬†