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One of my favorite styles on natural and relaxed hair is a Bantu Knot-Out. It achieves the most luscious curls! The type of curls you see on a mannequins wig in the beauty supply store. LOL. The kind of curls that make you wonder what type of rollers and what size and what technique the manufacturer used to get that coil. Bantu knot-outs can give you totally different results depending on the previous state of the hair at the time you make the knots. A blow dried  mane will yield longer sleek coils while knots on a reverting press or old twist out will give you big waves.

For a sleek Bantu Knot out, I always start with freshly washed, DEEP CONDITIONED hair. Deep Conditioning hair before applying heat is a must if you want to prevent heat damage and minimize reversion. Spray the hair with heat protectant as well before blow drying. I use Aveda Brilliant Damage Control, it smells divine! Blow dry the hair on high-speed medium heat setting, I use a Conair Pro Silver Bird Blow drier with a comb attachment for blow drying.

Part the hair and clamp it in 4 quadrants for easy management of the hair. Starting with one section at a time, I finger part a 1 inch by 1 inch section of hair, and apply a small amount of pomade, I used Blue Magic Coconut Oil hair conditioner. Twist the whole weft of hair (not like a two strand twist, but like a twist you’d do when ringing out a wash cloth) until the hair starts to coil around itself, and wrap the end of the twist around the base of the knot. Secure the hair at the base with a Bobbi pin, I sometimes use rubber bands because my hair can get a little slick and slide out of the Bobbi pen. Repeat for all sections, cover with a scarf or bonnet and let it dry over night. Take down the Bantu Knots with oiled hands, I use grapeseed oil.


For a Bantu Knot-out on old hair (unwashed hair or hair that had a previous style) don’t wash the hair, just repeat the  process starting with parting the hair an clamping it in 4 quadrants.

Old Style- Press and Curl

Bantu Knot-Out made from Old Press and Curl

To preserve them at night, I do 16 big Bantu Knots (4 big ones in each quadrant) and cover with a satin bonnet.  Happy Styling!