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Since I got up kind of early Saturday morning, I decided to do a twist and curl for the first time. I was nervous because I had a fashion show to go to that night and I usually have bad luck with trying styles for the first time. Surprisingly my twist and curl turned out beautifully and the style was easy to do.

To do this style you’ll need: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, a spray bottle filled with water, a rodent tail comb, a soft bristle brush,10-20 purple perm rods, and grapeseed oil. 

Part your hair into 4 quadrants. Taking one quadrant at a time, spray each section just enough to keep it damp. Finger part small sections for each twist. Finger parting eliminates harsh parts during take down. Apply a finger tip full of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to the small section. Comb the end of the hair with a wide tooth comb. Brush the hair with a soft bristle brush. Split the section of hair and twist from root to end. Apply more product to the end, if needed, to smooth the ends. Gather the twists in bundles of 2 or 3 and roll them with a purple perm rod. repeat this for all for sections.

Let the twists air dry for 2 hours, separate each twist into fourths with oiled hands and fluff the roots. I used grapeseed oil for my take down.

I loved the definition of the twists and how much body the style had, next time I plan to use more product or try a curl pudding for a little more hold. Enjoy!