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First off I’ll start by saying that I refuse to be a slave to my tresses so I try to keep  hair care regimens that are easy with the least amount of products as possible, at low prices. In addition I am always running late so I must keep it simple.LOL . When it comes to my hair less is more. I have had the worst experiences with my hair when I pile on the products which usually end with a milky slurry mixture of conditioners, leav-ins, gels and oils leaving little white balls of aggravation in my hair! Yuck! Here’s how I tame the mane!


I part my hair into 4 quadrants with basic hair clamps.

(Clamps can be found at your local Hair or Beauty Supply Store)

 While in the shower, I take down one section at a time and shampoo it with Aussie Moist Shampoo, rinse thoroughly and replace the clamp.

(Aussie Moist can be found at any local pharmacy or superstore)


To condition I take down one section at a time and apply a generous amount of Aussie Moist conditioner. Detangle from FROM END TO ROOT with  an Annie Rubber Cushion brush #2050 and twist each section into one big twist (for shorter hair just twist and clamp after detangling).


(Aussie Moist can be found at any local pharmacy or superstore, Annie brush can be found at  your local beauty supply stores)


I let the twists sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse (not completely) before getting out of the shower. I like to leave a thin layer of conditioner on my hair to act as a leave-in conditioner. Finally, I apply a small quarter sized amount of Now Grapeseed oil to my the ends and shaft of my hair and style as desired.

(Now grapeseed oil can be purchases at local health food stores or amazon.com)

Easy Regimens are the best and cut the anxiety and time down when it comes to doing natural hair. Keep it Simple…you know the rest!

Readers what are your Hair care regimens?